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Apollo is delighted to share that today we've launched our Help Center, home of Frequently Asked Questions, Apollo product minutiae, and targeted information based on your feedback.

We've categorized all articles based on the type of information one could look for, such as Studio, Security, and Federation. In these categories, users can find relevant articles like 'How can I create a preflight script?', 'Why do I see "No cache policy was defined for this operation" in a sample trace?', and 'How can I add my AWS AppSync Schema to Apollo Federation?'.

Help Center also includes a chatbot that can point one in the right direction for relevant articles to questions users might have and assist guests with opening a support ticket when in-depth troubleshooting is required. You can access the chatbot by clicking the purple “Help” button in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Help Center captures knowledge related to Apollo's platform and is additive to the compendium shared in our Odyssey tutorials and dev docs.

Stewarding the most productive use of time is a core value at Apollo. Disseminating information that could prove helpful to our developers via self-service is one way we realize this value in perpetuity. We will continue to add resources to the Help Center, grow this knowledge base, and welcome any feedback you may have for these articles or suggestions for new ones!

Do you have a suggestion for a new article? We’d love to hear any feedback from the Apollo community. Let us know in the comments below, message our Sr. Developer Support Engineer at @kyle_o on Twitter, or interact with the Apollo team via @apollographql.

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