How can I add my AWS AppSync schema to Apollo Federation?

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You can use an AWS AppSync API as a subgraph in a federated graph with the following steps:

For a complete tutorial on integrating AppSync as part of an Apollo Federation architecture, see this AWS blog post.

Expose your AppSync API's schema to the gateway

A GraphQL service is aggregated by an Apollo federation gateway by providing its subgraph schema definition, with third party servers, a query called _service, returning an extended GraphQL Schema Definition Language (SDL) response is required.

Define and extend entities

If any of your AppSync schema's object types are entities, you need to apply the @key directive to them (as with any other subgraph library). Learn More.

Publish the subgraph schema with the Rover CLI

After you modify and deploy your AppSync schema, you can publish that schema to Apollo Studio with the Rover CLI tool

Click for a complete list of subgraph compatible server libraries

For a complete list of subgraph-compatible server libraries, see this article.

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