How can I enable the Contracts feature?

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Contracts are currently available as a public preview feature for Enterprise plans only. A feature in public preview is enabled for Apollo users by default. However, it might still contain bugs or undergo iteration. Contracts currently only support federated graphs.

Apollo Studio contracts enable you to deliver different subsets of your graph to different consumers. Each contract filters specific portions of your graph's API schema:


You usually create a contract to support a contract gateway or contract documentation (or both). You can deploy a managed instance of your gateway that uses a contract schema. In Studio, each contract variant has its own README, schema reference, and Explorer.


To configure contracts for your federated graph, see the setup.

  1. Update your gateway and subgraphs
  2. Enable variant support for @tag
  3. Add @tags
  4. Register updated subgraph schemas
  5. Create a contract
  6. Use your new contract variant

You can find more information on contracts here.

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