How can I migrate my Apollo Server to a Federated deployment?

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You can migrate Apollo Server (or other compatible server) to Apollo Federation with the following steps:

1. Create a gateway

The gateway will be the entry point to your graph that routes queries to various subgraphs. Please see our quickstart guide with examples

2. Convert and divide your existing GraphQL schema into multiple subgraphs

To convert your Apollo Server instance into a subgraph server, see this article

When deciding how to divide your existing schema across multiple subgraphs, check out the following resources: Federated schema design

Principled GraphQL - federated implementation

3. Publish your subgraphs

With managed federation, we register each of our subgraph schemas with Apollo Studio.

Whenever a subgraph schema changes, you should register that change with Apollo Studio using the Rover CLI tool; Apollo Studio takes care of the rest, and compose the changes into an updated supergraph schema.

Please see the docs below to get started!

Managed Federation Setup

Apollo Studio Docs

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