What are the benefits of migrating to the Apollo Router?

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If your federated graph uses the @apollo/gateway library, we strongly recommend moving to the Apollo Router for many benefits:

  • Performance improvements: The Apollo Router is written in Rust, which offers substantial performance advantages over Node.js. The Apollo Router provides reduced variance in request latency, a reduced attack surface area, fewer memory bugs, and dramatically improved energy efficiency. Learn more about why the Apollo Router was written in Rust on the Apollo blog.
  • High configurability: Modify your router's default behavior with a YAML config file, and even define custom logic with Rhai scripts.
  • Advanced GraphOS Enterprise features: The Apollo Router provides expanded security, performance, and customization features for organizations with a GraphOS Enterprise plan.

Customers that move to the Apollo Router in production and enable these features report impressive results. The following table illustrates the yield of a production graph at scale after moving to the Apollo Router.

Indicator Result After Migration
Reduced Cost More efficient runtime leads to huge reduction in operational resources. Run periods at 30x reduction in pods.
Improved Performance Request times improved by 70% while running 30x the traffic per pod.
Simplified Infrastructure Reduced lines of code by 70% and custom plugins by 75%.
Increased Security Removed routes and endpoints that, if tampered with, created opportunities for bad actors to learn more about federated data.

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